SeokJae Yoo

Deparment of Physics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

e-mail: seokjaeyoo.nano(at)

phone: +82-2-3290-3955

Thesis (Ph.D.): Chiral light-matter interaction in metamaterials, (DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4870.2808)

Research interest: Metamaterials; Plasmonics; Theoretical electromagnetics; Optical experiment

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Awards and honors

[1] Graduated with honors, B.Sc. (Korea University), 2011.

[2] Global Ph. D. fellowship (National Research Foundation of Korea), 2011-2015.

[3] Excellence paper award (Korean Physical Society), 2013.

[4] Excellence paper award (Korean Physical Society), 2014.

[5] Outstanding research project in Global Ph. D. fellowship (National Research Foundation of Korea), 2014.

[6] Outstanding graduate award (Korea University), 2015.

[7] Outstanding graduate award (Department of Physics, Korea University), 2015.

[8] Outstanding research project in Global Ph. D. fellowship (National Research Foundation of Korea), 2015.

[9] Ph.D. Excellence Award, Department of Physics, Korea University, (2016).

[10] Participated the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting as a representative of Korea nominated by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (2016).


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[7] Yoonsik Yi, SeokJae Yoo, Jong-Ho Choe, Sang-Gil Park, Ki-Hun Jeong, Q-Han Park, and Choon-Gi Choi. Strong visible magnetic resonance of size-controlled silicon-nanoblock metasurfaces. Applied Physics Express, 9(4), 042001 (2016).

[8] Donghwan Yoon†, SeokJae Yoo†, Kyoung Sik Nam, Hionsuck Baik, Kwangyeol Lee, and Q-Han Park, Plasmon enhanced direct bandgap emissions in Cu7S4@Au2S@Au nanorings, Small, accepted (2016).


[1] Circular dichroism method and apparatus using negative index metamaterials, KR Patent