Research Topics (Published)

Research Topics (Published)

Nano Optics Lab explores wide range of optics including plasmonics and metamaterials. Research topics (Published) we have had interest are as follows:

● Fractional Resonance

● Perfect anti-reflection

● Chiral light-matter interaction in metamaterials

● Plasmonics and metamaterials using nanoparticles

● Understanding optical properties of nano slits using the diffraction theory

● Developing GPU-based FDTD simulation system

● Designing efficient LED using FDTD simulations

Detailed explanations of research topics are given in each sections (left menu).

Ongoing Research Interest

● Aim 1: To establish theories of general impedance matching and maximal energy transfer

● Aim 2: To develop maximal energy transfer systems and demonstrate perfect anti-reflection using metamaterials

● Aim 3: To realize active control of EM wave for maximal energy transport in random media