Q-Han Park

Personal Information

Professor, Deparment of Physics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Born on Oct. 16th, 1959
Married with two children


1978 - 1982 B. S. in Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1983 - 1987 Ph. D. in Physics, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

Professional experience

2004–present: Professor, Department of Physics, Korea University, Korea
2014–present: Director, Center for Electromagnetic Metamaterials, Korea University, Korea
2012–present: Fellow, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
2012–present: Associate Editor, Optics Express, OSA
2010–2012: Director, Research Institute Basic Sciences, Korea University, Korea
2001–2004: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Korea University, Korea
1992–2001: Assistant/Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Kyunghee University, Korea
1990–1992: Postdoctoral Fellow, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK
1988–1990: Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Department, University of Maryland, USA
1987–1988: Postdoctoral Fellow, Physics Department, Brandeis University, USA
2011.1-2011.2: Visiting Faculty, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea.
2004.7-2005.2: Senior Visiting Fellow, Institute of Optics, Rochester, USA
2001/2002 summer: Visiting Associate Professor of Optics and of Physics and Astronomy
2000.1-2000.12: Senior Visiting Fellow, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA
1997,1999: Visiting Scholars, Aspen Center for Theoretical Physics, Aspen, USA
1996: Visiting Scholars, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT, USA
1994/1995 summer: Research Associates, CERN, Geneve, Switzerland

Professional Activities (selected)

Member of the Korean Physical Society, Optical Society of Korea, Optical Society of America
Program Chair, Surface Plasmon Photonics 5, 2011
Director, Research Institute Basic Sciences, 2008-2012, Korea University
Reviewer for the National Research Foundation (Korea)
Regular Referee : Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Optics Letters, Optics Express, Optics Communications,. Annals of Physics, Physical Review, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Physics A, Classical and Quantum Gravity Nuclear Physics B, Physics Letter B, Journal of Korean Physical Society..etc.
Service on conference committees, including CLEO/PR 2009, NFO 2004,2006; SPP 2009

Fellowships, Awards and Honours

2018 Best Research Award by Optical Society of Korea
2015 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
2012 Fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
2010 Sung-Do Optics Scientist Award by Optical Society of Korea
2002 Associate Fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology

Research Interests since 2009

  • Plasmonic field enhancement, Optical antenna, Computational Electromagnetics, Random media and imaging, Metamaterial, Anti-reflection, Chiral fields and resonances
  • Metrics: 140 publications in refereed journals, 3000 citations, h-index: 30 (ISI)