User Guide and Tutorals of KEMP

Main developer: Myung Su Seok (lovesci88(at)

Contributors for this guide: Myung-Su Seok, Min Gon Lee, and SeokJae Yoo

Getting started

        Installation of KEMP

        Advantages of KEMP

        Structure of the KEMP interface(kr)

        Structure of the KEMP interface(en)


        Measure transmittance (T), reflectance (R), and absorbance (A) / source code / source code (commented)

        Draw field profiles / source code

        Diffraction of a dielectric single hole / source code

        Measure the scattering property of a spherical gold nanoparticle / source code

        Dispersive materials (Drude-CP model)

        Parameter retrieval of metamaterials

Case study

        Chiral field in negative-index metamaterials (PRB 89(16), 161405(R), 2014) / source code (courtesy of Dong Gun Lee)

        Resonant plasmonic nanoparticle systems (OpEx 20(15), 16480, 2012) / source code

        Slot antenna as a bound charge oscillator (OpEx 20(6), 6521(R), 2012) / source code

        Substrate effect on aperture resonances in a thin metal film (OpEx 17(18), 15652(R), 2009) / source code