KEMP: Korea University ElectroMagnetic wave Propagator

Python package: FDTD software using CPUs and GPUs

Requirements: Python 2.7 (Python2.7 homepage)

                             Python package: NumPy (numeric computing with python, NumPy homepage)

                             Python package: PyCUDA (for use of nVIDIA devices, PyCUDA homepage)

                             Python package: PyOpenCL (for use of OpenCL-support devices, PyOpenCL homepage)

                             (Python package download for windows: Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages)

                             nvidia-cuda-toolkit(for use of PyCUDA, CUDA downloads)

Main developer: Myung Su Seok (E-mail: lovesci88(at)

Download page of KEMP distribution ( link, KEMP)

User guide and tutorials

Citation: Myung-Su Seok, Min-Gon Lee, SeokJae Yoo, and Q-Han Park. "Electromagnetic metamaterial simulations using a GPU-accelerated FDTD method". J. Korean Phys. Soc. 67, 2026–2032 (2015).